Friday Wrap-Up: Pre-[Enter Holiday Here] Edition

Dec 23rd, 2011 by dane

Well, Readers, we are fast approaching [enter holiday here] and things are a bit slow in the BJJ world. Let’s face it, there was only one piece of BJJ related news to happen this week and I fear that the incredible educational value of it is going to waste. Luckily the BJJ community has me to right this wrong: “GINAGI” has answered the decades-old question of whether or not Bacardi and (up to and possibly in excess of a ton) broccoli are Group A and B compliant. Close the case, print and stain it. Ralek Gracie has laid this mystery to rest. You’re welcome.

BJJ News

  • The Jiu Jitsu Labratory Awards for 2011 are up. There’s no joke here, trust me – I looked for one. They just nailed it.
  • Middle Easy’s Jason Nawara’s book Kettlebell RX is up. If you need a KB, I know a guy that knows a guy who works in a Russian import business. He can hook you up.
  • I’ve been meaning to bring this up with Budo Jake (or the Beej, as I’ve come to call him – he’s not a fan for some reason), but Chokeball is about to leave Jiu Jitsu competition in the dust – sorry IBJJF.
  • Minotauro will overcome the lingering effects from his bout with submissiolescence and hopes to return in six months.
  • Knee-on-belly sucks. That is all.
  • Getting out of knee-on-belly makes it suck less. Learn how to do so.
  • The new IBJJF rulebook is up. Get it. Read it. Learn it. Don’t get disqualified by the stuff in it.

Budo Videos News

  • The ADCC 2011  DVD set is up for preorder. I’ve been told that the sheer amount of grappling on this set violates no import-export restrictions, but it has been known to make villagers uncomfortable. They are a squeamish bunch, those villagers.
  • The Tatami Terere Signature kimonos are in stock and shipping soon (if not already).
  • NoGi Industries headwear will heavily discounted for a limited time. This is great if you have a head, train or compete in NoGi or really, really like the first four letters of Minotauro’s name.

Upcoming Events

  • Christmas.
  • The post-Christmas weight cut.

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