Friday Wrap-Up: Off to Chi-Town Edition

Mar 2nd, 2012 by dane

The boys have been traveling a lot this year, and I interpret that as a clear indication of their faith in my ability to secure Warehouse C from my desk here at the Budo Blog World Headquarters (EDITORIAL NOTE: By “desk”, I definitely mean “lap” and by “Budo Blog World Headquarters” I mean “four man Coleman tent in front of Warehouse C, but this is all just semantics).  Their most recent jaunt, which they are still on, has taken them to Chicago for the  Winter Open Championships in Chicago to film another episode of IBJJF TV and Rolled Up. That’s right, two shows in one trip. We use all parts of the Buffalo around here, included the Webisode Gland.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been training Berimbolos all night and I need to soak my spine in an ice bath. My. Entire. Spine.


  • The Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in San Diego will be broadcasted live by Budo Videos and with our multimat technology. What is “multimat”, you ask? Well, it’s magic and trickery rendered through the Interwebs that will allow live event subscribers to view any match that takes place at the tournament.
  • André Galvão and Roger Gracie will be holding seminars (exclusively) on May 12 for the World Jiu Jitsu Expo in Long Beach.
  • One of the most beautiful aspects of Jiu Jitsu is the development of individual styles (Roger versus Braulio – similar body types, but very different styles). The visual geniuses over at BJJ Hacks released a video featuring Eduardo Rios discusses exactly that.
  • So, this is kind of awkward, but we’ve been meaning to, you know, kinda’ point out that you may or may not be saying “Oss!” a bit too often. It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that … you know, it’s kinda’ lame – sorry.
  • Since that’s over, let’s watch an enthusiastic Gracie Breakdown of the Henderson-Edgars fight. I feel better.
  • After lunch today, I was thinking to myself, “I sure could use a few tips – preferably from a black belt and absolute champion.” Gracie Mag delivered with the IBJJF San Fancisco Absolute Champion, Vitor Henrique Oliveira.

Budo Stuff

  • As mentioned, the boys are in Chicago for the IBJJF Chicago Winter Open. What I didn’t mention is that they’re also working on an episode of Rolled Up. Jake recently had lunch with the current subject and I won’t mention him here. Although, if you are friends with the Budo Videos on Facebook, you already know. Way to ruin the surprise.
  • Pre-sale for the Hemp Sensations gi just went online. You’re expecting a joke, aren’t you? [Enter Cypress Hill reference here]. Satisfied?

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