Friday Wrap-Up: Introductionless

Feb 10th, 2012 by dane

Some times jokes don’t have punchlines. This Wrap-Up is sort of like that, except it doesn’t have a proper introduction.

  • Dave at the Jiu Jitsu Lab has done a case study in Garcia vs. Drysdale. Peer review it.
  • DSTRYR has patches for sale. I know you read ‘em, so go show them some love.
  • You know who Draculino is, right? If not, don’t admit that. Just smile and nod people. Smile, nod and watch this documentary.
  • Renato Laranja – never mind the string of Mundial victories and never mind the fact that his “defeated” list is a who’s-who of Jiu Jitsu. This mockumentary has all the real victories, including “Joe Hogan”. I’m done here people.
  • Are you a guard player? Are you tired of those pesky guard passers (of which I aspire to be)? Well, learn an attack to foil those pesky passers (why did I just do that to myself?)
  • Cobrinha has a training camp coming for the Pan Ams. If you’re in the area, you could do a lot worse.
  • Would you like a Shoyoroll gi – ANSWER: YES. Well, allow me to one up you with a Shoyoroll give-a-way. The boys at Gi Reviews are delivering hard with this one

Budo Videos Stuff

  • The boys are off to Texas this weekend to cover the Houston Open and left me to hold down the fort (my tent in the front planter). There’s no live stream, but expect content for IBJJF TV. Also, a little birdy told me to expect the Atos boys will be Berimbolo’ing through this tournament.. Oh dang, Texas is on fire … or will be … but was, no really, it was literally on fire. It’ll figuratively be on fire this time.
  • Do you know who’s in Texas? Chuck Norris. Do you know who’s also in Texas? Draculino. Coincedence? Probably, but that doesn’t mean the boys won’t be heading down to fill an episode of Rolled Up with the man who trained the big names at Gracie Barra (Braulio, Roger, Romulo).
  • Our intrepid writer and competitor, Erin Herle posted a nice write-up on her experience at the 2012 IBJJF European Open Championship. I’ve buried it by posting this article (sorry girl! I ain’t mad ‘atcha!), but it’s well worth the read.

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