Friday Wrap-Up: In the Wake of Fight Night Edition

Feb 17th, 2012 by dane

There is one event in Jiu Jitsu that brings the wheels of the Budo Videos news machine to a grinding halt, and it happened this week. Take note of these five words: new, Ralek, Gracie, music, video. The sheer volume of dropped knowledge is so staggering that it takes individuals weeks to recover, but luckily we have a team of elite researchers on retainer and they completed their analysis late Wednesday evening. Our take-away: Ralek has a son who gets kissed after fights, Ralek did not play with Legos at the age of 8 nor (we’re assuming) later in life (which gives rise to doubts about the Gracie Diet compatibility of Danish building blocks), he did not go to college and Ralek’s fight equation is as follows

V = (E + T + D + Ro + Ri) + Th

E = Energy, T = Technique, D = Danger, Ro = Royce, Ri = Rickson, Th = That, V = Victim


  • The boys have a collection of photos from the IBJJF Houston Open Championships. Check out Andre Galvao apparently getting bored of an arm bar attempt and just walking away.
  • Ladies, have you ever wanted to train in Brazil (ANSWER: yes) but were a bit put off by training with dozens of sweaty dudes? Well, the lovely Kyra Gracie has a camp for you. No, seriously … she has a camp for you. Send our girl an e-mail for information about that.
  • Jits magazine has an outtake from the Rodolfo Vieira documentary, in which he breaks the heart of the ol’ U-S of A and states that he does not plan to move here any time soon. Some say he’s just playing coy.
  • Speaking of our boy, Senhor Vieira thinks that top-level Jiu Jitsu competitors should get paid more, which is understandable. As the sport grows, this seems inevitable but let’s be real here – it’s all about the sponsorships.
  • Since I know you want to teach in Abu Dhabi – and trust me, you do – there are some things you need to know. These are those things.
  • I think every Jiu Jitsu practitioner wonders, at some point in their career, if they could pull off a win in MMA. Go ahead and add these techniques, courtesy of Greg Jackson, to the arsenal of your imaginary career.
  • I’m a huge fan of the Mendes Brothers (or the UberMends, as I call them) and you should be too. By the transitive property, I’m a fan of what they’re a fan of. They are a fan of these Jiu Jitsu matches.
  • Speaking of the UberMends, they did damage at the last ADCC, and probably because they train like beasts.

Budo Stuff

  • The Beej is doing a great job of taunting me with the release of Darcepedia (that’s Darcie, if you’re nasty). Here’s the latest addition to that list.
  • IBJJF TV premiers today and features footage from the Houston Open Championships. Watch the Budo Facebook for more information.

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