Friday Wrap-Up: Going to the Trials Just Because You Can Edition

Feb 24th, 2012 by dane

Much is up for grabs for Jiu Jitsu champions still in active competition: loss, the fall to obscurity, injuries, dropped Acai bowls, no Acai bowls or (worse yet) the possibility of competing against Gabi Garcia. Speaking of whom, she will be fighting at the Abu Dhabi trials Brazil … despite already being accepted to the Pro Cup. For the sake of clarity, allow me to list the balleritidue I have just professed:

  • The aforementioned risks
  • Gabi Garcia
  • The largest pay out in competitive BJJ
  • Already accepted to fight in the largest pay out in competitive BJJ
  • Gabi Garcia
  • Going to the trials anyway, ostensibly to further engage her beast mode
  • … and Gabi Garcia


  • When the either element of the UberMends speaks, I listen. So, when Gui Mendes says that posture should be a focus, you’d best believe I’m workin’ on my posture.  Incidentally, he did and I am.
  • The BJJ Hacks crew met up with Draculino and discuss in their most recent blog post producing the video of him that went big. It provides an interesting insight into one of the tools that’s helping to propagate Jiu Jitsu.
  • It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Jiu Jitsu Lab and you should be too. Why? Because they deliver. Here is The Lab delivering with some X-Guard. You’re welcome.
  • Watch the Galvao highlight video that the production team at Budo whipped up. Seriously … just watch it. This just got real.
  • From the Self-Defense desk: Jiu Jitsu can help a weaker individual prevail in an attack from a stronger individual.
  • From the Competition desk: Caio Terra has won open weight divisions.
  • From the Self-Congratulatory desk: Point made.

Budo Stuff

  • We’ll be at the Abu Dhabi trials in San Diego, and I shall be live blogging it. More information on that soon.
  • The boys tested out our new multicasting technology at the Pan Kids Championships last weekend and things went well. We fully intend to implement this for the IBJJF 2012 Pan and World Championships . For the first time ever, you will be able to watch every match on every mat during those tournaments. TL;DR version: It’s a big deal.
  • Check out our interview with Budo sponsored athlete Rikako Yuasa.
  • Expect us at the IBJJF Chicago Winter Open and expect a corresponding episode of IBJJF TV.

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