Friday Wrap-Up: For lack of a better name edition

Jan 27th, 2012 by dane

Budo’ers, I have an admission to make. I am doing you, the collective many, an injustice. I really should coin a better term for the Budo Blog audience but I am in a difficult position. The Budo Videos audience is diverse and the mavens over at DYSTRYR have laid claim to the term “grappler”. This creates a unique challenge in that while Budo’ers suffices, it does not do justice to the collective might of this humble blog’s audience. I have toyed with the term “Beeple”, but it rang entirely too resoundingly of the sort of mishap one would encounter while potty training an unruly toddler.

“Little Jimmy! You BEEPLED in your big boy pants yet again. Damn you Jimmy, DAMN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!”

I am sure you empathize with my hardships. On a side note, the above is a relatively accurate retelling of my “toddlerhood”, but that is neither here nor there. To date, you remain unnamed. Authorial validation: unacquired. Further joke possibilities: endless.

Audience monikers aside, I am clearly a dedicated host and thus being the case, I offer you a metaphoric trip to the land of Europa. For those of you currently residing in Europa, join me in the former colonies only to join me (yet again!) in a trip to Europa. Really, that’s twice as many trips our humble continental audience is afforded and you should revel (further) in your smugness (if you aren’t already smug, go ahead and become so and multiply that sensation by 2n, where n is your height divided by 0.5). The short version, the IBJJF European Championships will take place this weekend and you will be delighted with a recap this Monday.

Again, I am a dedicated host.

The Wrap-Up

  • The Jiu Jitsu Lab didn’t post anything this week, which is perfectly acceptable. They are, after all, scientists (in real life) and they apparently read this blog. Achievement: Shameless Plug’itude.
  • DYSTRYR got sponsored by Nabisco Wheat Thins. This is a big deal because we all want Jiu Jitsu to grow as a sport and subsequently a market segment, and Nabisco (which is owned by Kraft Foods) is trading at more than $38 per share, which is very impressive. DYSTRYR landing the sponsorship that is, not Nabisco. Well Nabisco too – everyone wins.
  • More Kurt Osiander, that is all.
  • Toquinho has amazing leg locks. This is why. Pro-tip: it’s because he’s practices.
  • Eventually you’ll find yourself lacking on the physical conditioning front. It’s cool. It happens to everyone. I have Crossfit. The Beej has Kaizen, and now you have this article. You’re welcome.
  • Speaking of conditioning, it turns out that Jiu Jitsu and grappling falls under the greater auspice of human movement. I’m not sure if you knew this, but our boy Erik Paulson is a big fan of mastering everything ever, and he hosted an expert in gymnastics.
  • Incidentally, the Russians are not playing with you any more. They ain’t playing. Not even a fraction of one percent. They are, in fact, not playing.

Budo Videos Stuff

  • You need a rashguard and frankly, at this price, you don’t need to be choosey.
  • Remember when I said that more episodes of Rolled Up are coming? Yeah, there’s an episode of Rolled Up on the way.
  • Ronis Gracie opened a school. I may or may not have interviewed him about it (HINT: I did).
  • GonzalezAR

    Note to self: Stock up on HWheat Thins.

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