Friday Wrap-Up: Dropping Weight Division (It’s a little lighter than usual)

May 18th, 2012 by dane

So, the headlining super fight at the 2012 Jiu Jitsu Expo went .. poorly. Actually, it didn’t go at all and this lead to much rumor milling. Both camps - Braulio and Cesar Gracie – have explained their side of the story and my take away is this: Their fight was so poorly coordinated that Nick said “Ef it” and left. At least, this is my take on it, which is vastly less entertaining than the current theory that both fighters are now at odds and are gearing up for a Dragon Ball Z styled confrontation.

On a positive note, the Budo crew coverd the Long Beach Spring Open (which occurred in and at the Expo) and we have an episode of IBJJF TV to prove it. Watch and enjoy.

  • Romulo Barral and Otavio Sousa of Gracie Barra (DISCLOSURE: Sousa is my instructor) took gold  at the Spring Open,  and Otavio had a few words for Gracie Mag about his upcoming performance at the 2012 Worlds.
  • Remember how Kyra Gracie is doing her part to spread Jiu Jitsu and improve the lives of impoverished children? If not, here’s a reminder. If so, take that reminder as a refresher.
  • I’m convinced that competition is 80 percent psychological, BJJ competition possibly more so. Therefore, it’s always good to get a few words of wisdom from an accomplished competitor – say, just as an example … Felipe Costa.
  • Seriously, let’s get in shape.

  • We’re fast approaching the World Championships and the top competitors are working hard. Don’t believe? Gui Mendes proves you made a mistake … in not believing me.

  • Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack(s)!

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