Friday Wrap-Up: Better Late Than Never Edition

May 11th, 2012 by dane

Why, hello there Readers. I’ll bet you thought I’d never left Korea. While parting was such sweet sorrow, I ran into the eager embrace of my readerships … a week after I actual re-entered the physical borders of the United States. Jet lag is a harsh mistress, sue me. On the BJJ news front, apparently there’s some sort of Expo this weekend in Long Beach? I somehow missed the news that was posted, well, everywhere.  I’ll be there too, so expect an article and some photos. Flag me down if you see me!


  • Check out the heavy hitters from the Brazilian Nationals.
  • Go say hi to the boys at Dstryr on Facebook and get y’erself a T-shirt. Available until Sunday.
  • Are you getting a little winded while sparring? First, breath. Second, try some of this stuff.  You’ll probably need to pick up one of these to do it.
  • BJJ practioner of the stars – Robb Alonzo of Mission Impossible franchise fame – has a few tips for you.

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