Friday Wrap-Up: Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Wreckage Edition

Mar 16th, 2012 by dane

As I described earlier this week, we’re still sweeping up from the bombshell that was the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials 2012. This hasn’t really been articulated because doing so stinks of whining, but the broadcast is only half the work. The video boys still have to edit the raw footage into something worth watching on the replay. So, expect that in about a week and we (in this case, “we” means “me”) staff writers must mush on.

I just received an advanced copy of a certain product that has reached near fetish status, and I can tell you that the first 10 minutes have thoroughly blown my mind. I can’t really speak to the entirety of the DVD because I was forced to hastily eject and hide it under a pile of papers.  From what I remember, Jeff … er, the primary personality of the fetish item I shall not name has detailed the techniques brilliantly. I have a great deal to work on, and this doesn’t include mopping up the sizable drool stain on my desk and trying to recollect the 30 minutes after I was transported to a wonderful land of arm chokes and balance balls.


  • Everybody’s Jiu Jitsu hero, Andre Galvao, delivered a few inflammatory statements to Gracie Mag. His march through the pound division at the Abu Dhabi Pro San Diego Trials and overall success as an MMA fighter and BJJ competitor thoroughly disqualifies me from casting an opinion, but I will say I’m a fan of his attacking style.
  • Speaking of the Abu Dhabi Pro Cup Trials, care for a photo gallery? I thought you would.
  • So, Jiu Jitsu is a competitive sport and a system of self-defense. Ryan Hall proved that the two actually do collide.
  • When they do collide, it usually helps to be properly warmed up. Here are a few warm ups to consider.
  • Kurt. Ef’ing. Osiander. I can’t think of anything witty to write. Just … watch it.
  • You know what? We need more K.O. in our lives. Here’s a technique of a week I haven’t posted.
  • It’s no secret that Gracie Barra is expanding like a Jiu Jitsu based Zombie Apocalypse. Here’s the man with the plan

Budo Videos Stuff

  • The Pan Championships are coming, and we are delivering it to you with our multimat technology. Get on it.
  • This is coming. It totally wasn’t what I was referring to above.
  • For those of you who bought the Abu Dhabi San Diego Trial Live Pass, you’ll get the Replay in about a week.

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