Friday Wrap-Up: 2011 Taps Out Edition

Dec 30th, 2011 by dane

While we sneak in our last minute sweeps, takedowns submissions and Wrap-Ups, 2011 is quietly coming to a close. Failing at that, it’ll probably crash over the horizon in a blaze of debaucherous glory – unless you plan to train the next morning (which I do). We here at Budo Videos and the BudoBlog wish you a safe new years and a fantastic 2012. In consideration of the fact that 2012 is actually 12 months long, I’ll make it a point to make booster well wishes throughout 2012.

  • Cobrinha continues to prove that he understands Jiu Jitsu far better than you (READ: me). This side-control video is clear evidence of this.
  • Renato “Babalu” Sobral: Gracie Barra black belt, head instructor of Gracie Barra Cerritos, former Strikeforce champion and now One FC fighter. On a related note, I tried to write a series of accomplishments next to my name in a similar manner and it did not go well. Tears may or may not have been involved.
  • I’m a fan of Kurt Osiander, if only because I’m a big fan of accidental profanities in Jiu Jitsu videos – and our boy KO delivers (though not in this video). In this video, he also delivers a pretty sweet arm bar.

Budo Stuff

  • Big discount (coupon code: “badboy”) on Bad Boy kimonos for a limited time.  That makes for a nice gi at a really affordable price and the opportunity to pretend like you’re 1990s era Vitor Belfort whenever you roll.

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