Abu Dhabi Pro Trials San Diego

Mar 14th, 2012 by dane

I apologize that I delivered this write up relatively late in week, but I’ve spent the better parts of Monday and Tuesday recovering from the mind crushing Jiu Jitsu I witnessed this past weekend. I am, of course, referring to the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, which were held in lovely San Diego. The Budo Crew (of which I am now officially a part) was on scene and working their magic, and I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense. The technological trickery involved in a multimat broadcast is so mind boggling that I’m pretty sure that there at least two gnomes, three goblins and a rainicorn involved in making this thing happen.

I was at the helm of the less impressive FaceTwitterForumBook accounts and commentating. On a side note, I’ve developed a new appreciation for play-by-play announcers/writers. I had a hell of a time keeping up with three mats. I’m a little nervous to take the reins again for our Pan Championship broadcast at the end of the month.

TL;DR version: Get yourself a live broadcast pass if you want to spare yourself spoilers and/or the results of the Pans through my fleetingly witty ramblings, a la below.

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, San Diego Results

  • Xande Ribeiro: Men’s adult brown/black belt < 202 lbs and absolute champion
  • Andre Galvao: Men’s adult brown/black belt < 183 lbs champion
  • Zak Maxwell: Men’s adult brown/black belt < 163 lbs champion
  • Gui Mendes: Men’s adult brown/black belt < 143 lbs champion
  • Angelica Galvao: Women’s adult purple/brown/black belt open weight champion
  • Emily Wentz: Women’s adult purple/brown/black belt heavy weight champion

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