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Greg Nelson's Clinch 5 DVD Set

SKU# BV-15656

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Quick Overview

Clinch 1 & 2 will get you proficient in the basics of the Muay Thai Clinch (Plum).
Clinch 3 & 4 will get you proficient in the wrestling and mma style clinch game.
Clinch 5 shows you the finer points from two points of view. Jacob Volkmann focuses on the Greco style clinch and Saul Mitchell focuses on the Muay Thai / NHB style clinch. The combination of these elements will make you a very formidable opponent in the fine art of The Clinch.
Greg Nelson's Clinch 5 DVD Set

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Clinch 01: This dvd is divided into five sections and each technique is broken down in great detail for you!

Section 1: Basic Positioning. Learn the basic positions and how to manipulate and control your opponent to set you up to score with your knees.
Section 2: Arm Weaving. Learn five techniques to counter the head & neck grab.
Section 3: Learn four types of knee strikes to help you launch an effective attack.
Section 4: Positioning & Knee Counters: Learn eight techniques to set you up to control your opponent’s movements and counter his knee strikes.
Section 5: Takedowns & Throws: Learn ten techniques for countering straight and curve knees. Greg will show you how to trip and collapse your opponent every time he attempts to strike you with his knee.

Running Time Approx. 60 min.

Clinch 02: This dvd is divided into five sections and each technique is broken down in great detail for you.

Section 1: Inside Neck Control Counters. Learn eight techniques to deal with an opponent who has a tight, close grip on your neck.
Section 2: Side Control Counters. Hip Pop to: Knee, Headlock, Side Throw, Putar Kepala.
Section 3: Learn two techniques to counter the double under-arm grab.
Section 4: Thai Pad Drills. Learn six thai pad drills to train your striking accuracy, power, and flow.
Section 5: Clinching. This section is where Greg puts it all together and shows you how to flow. Free flow clinching (prumb in Muay Thai) is shown. Greg will show you the most effective way to train for the clinch safely and efficiently.

Running Time Approx. 60 min.

Clinch – Volume 3 Part 1

Introduction – Pummeling – Lateral Movement – Off-Balancing – Head & Neck – Arm Drag – Re-Drag – Elbow Control – Duck Under – Scoop – Slide By – Review – Underhook – Lead With Elbow – Elbow Up – Elbow Down

Clinch – Volume 3 Part 2

Midline – Side High Clinch – Law Enforcement Application – Ring Strategy – Underhook Summary – Overhook

Clinch – Volume 4

Introduction – Front Headlock Review – Double Underhook – Body Lock – Double Underhook Ground – Underhook Counters – 50-50 – Conclusion

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Additional Information
SKU BV-15656
Release Date Dec 20, 2010
Other Info No
Languages English
Length 4+ hours on 4 DVDs

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