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Chuck Liddell Mixed Martial Arts 3 DVD Set

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Former UFC champ Chuck Liddell and Scott Adams take you through this comprehensive course on MMA fighting. 3 DVD's 7 Volume's.

Chuck Liddell Mixed Martial Arts 3 DVD Set

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  • Chuck Liddell Mixed Martial Arts 3 DVD Set
Former UFC champ Chuck Liddell and Scott Adams take you through this comprehensive course on MMA fighting. The set starts with 3 volumes of conditioning and includes a bonus volume of with Tito Ortiz and his workout routine. The series then moves on to wrestling for MMA and what Chuck does best, inflicting damage. Finally they cover some fundamental submissions and leg locks. 3 DVD's 7 Volume's starting with.
Volume 1: Conditioning with the Iceman I

The most feared striker at 205 shows his most feared conditioning routine. Train with Chuck as he teaches bungee shots, endurance pummeling, heavy bag spin, sprawls, focus mitt drills, bag toss, hand speed drills, kicking drills and more to keep your game brutal from the first round to the last! (48 mins)
Volume 2: Conditioning with the Iceman II

This volume keeps the sweat flying and the breath ragged, because the more you train in peace, the less you bleed in war. Special emphasis on weight training, including shoulder, chest and triceps, flat bench press, grip work, finger pinch drill, and much more! (30 mins)
Volume 3: Conditioning with Tito Ortiz

This volume is designed to give you the strength and endurance to last in any fight situation, be it in the cage or in the street. Learn as Tito takes you through his three-day split workout routine, training your entire body, part by part.  (51 .mins)
Volume 4: Wrestling for Mixed Martial Arts

Takedowns includes swing single, inside double, fat man double, low level single, double leg takedown, body lock, duck under with counters and finishes. Sprawls, sprawls to finishes, sprawls to guillotine, single leg finishes and a shooting defense.(40 mins)
Volume 5: Damage

In this tape, Chuck Liddell shows you knee attacks from tie-ups, elbow attacks, blocking knees, a shuck, blocking shoots, striking from the guard, side mount strikes, defense from a mount, various drills that include striking with knee and kicking, fighting against the cage and a focus mitt drill. (44 mins)
Volume 6: Submissions

Submissions from various positions shown on this tape are spirals, leg rides, counter to leg rides, counter to mount, armbars, armbar off a keylock, closed guard counters, choke from the mount, neck crank, head and neck crank lock position, figure 4 neck crank, armbar from shoot and leg ride, knee bar counters, bodylock from the open guard. (43 mins)
Volume 7: Leg Locks & Counters

Leg attacks & counters leglocks from the guard, heel hook, kneebar from the guard, kneebar from the ½ guard, kneebar to heel hook, leg attacks from the open and closed guard, leglock from the mount, kneebar, whipover leglock and counters, counters to heel hook and some drills. (49 mins)
Additional Information
SKU BV-12975
Release Date Feb 1, 2008
Other Info No
Languages English
Length 5 hours 5 mins

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