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Budo: Martial Ways of Japan Book & DVD by Nippon Budokan

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-An acclamation of Budo

-Editorial postscript
Budo: Martial Ways of Japan Book & DVD by Nippon Budokan

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  • Budo: Martial Ways of Japan Book & DVD by Nippon Budokan
-An acclamation of Budo
-Editorial postscript
-Philosophy of Budo
-Budo charter
-Budo charter for young people
The Japanese Martial Arts
Japanese Budo
-What is Bu?
-Evolution of Budo
-Modern educational theories
-The word "Bushido"
From Bushido to Budo
-Bugei and Budo
-Autonomy and respect
Modernization of Budo -the Teachings of Jigoro Kano
-Kano Jigoro's career
-Birth of Kodokan Judo
-Teachings of Kano Jigoro
Why Study Budo?
-Budo and education
-Culture of Budo
-Budo as a way for self-perfection
Attraction of Budo
-Budo as a medium for growth
-Universal appeal of Budo
-Shin-gi-tai and Ippon
History of Budo in schools
-And outline of the history of Budo in schools
-Budo's position in the physical education curriculum
Budo's Educational Potential
-Issues in the education of children today
-Educational power of Budo
-How teachers can improve Budo's potential
Nippon Budokan Foundation
Japanese Kobudo: Classical Martial Arts
What is Kobudo?
-Distinctive evolution of Japanese Bujutsu
-Michi and Ie
-Composite Bujutsu
-Popularity of Bujutsu in the Tokugawa period
-Bujutsu in the Meiji Period
-As a way of life
-Way of war is the way of peace
-Characteristics of kata
-Shingi Ittai, fusion of body and mind
Thirty Kobudo Schools
-Shosho ryu yawara
-Tenjin Shinyo ryu jujutsu
-Daito ryu aikijujutsu
-Hontai yoshin ryu jujutsu
-Takenouchi ryu jujutsu (koshi no mawari kogusoku)
-Takenouchi ryu jujutsu (hinoshita torite kaisan)
-Maniwa nen ryu kenjutsu
-Kashima shinto ryu kenjutsu
-Tenshin shoden Katori Shinto ryu kenjutsu
-Tatsumi ryu heiho
-Onoha itto ryu kenjutsu
-Yagyu shinkage ryu heiho kenjutsu
-Shojitsuken rikata ichi ryu kenjutsu
-Hyoho niten ichi ryu kenjutsu
-Jigen ryu hyoho kenjutsu
-Tamiya ryu iaijutsu
-Owari kan ryu sojutsu
-Hozoin ryu Takeda ha sojutsu
-Saburi ryu sojutsu
-Muhi muteki ryu jojutsu
-Shinto muso ryu jojutsu
-Chikubushima ryu bojutsu
-Tendo ryu naginata jutsu
-Jikishin kage ryu naginata jutsu
-Yagyu Shingan ryu katchu heiho
-Seki ryu hojutsu
-Ogasawara ryu kyuba jutsu
-Nito shinkage ryu kusarigama jutsu
-Kobori ryu tosuijutsu
-Yamauchi ryu sojutsu
 Modern Budo
-Shorinji Kempo
Budo Promotion, Research, and Educational Institutions
-Nippon Budokan publications
-Japanese Budo Association
-National prefectural Budokan association
-Japanese academy of Budo
-Japanese classical Budo association
-Japanese universities with Budo specialist courses

-International seminar of Budo culture
-Events in Budo history
-Glossary of Budo terms
DVD Contents
-Shorinji Kempo
Additional Information
SKU BV-70789
Release Date Aug 3, 2010
Other Info No
Book Format Hardcover
Languages English

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