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Posts tagged 'Gracie'

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The Pioneer: 9th degree red belt Carley Gracie

By Budo Jake January 9, 2014 7731 Views 1 comments

Carley Gracie

Last month I had the rare opportunity to go to a seminar with a red belt. Red belts are "living treasures" of BJJ and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. The red belt I am talking about today is Carley Gracie, #11 of Carlos Gracie Sr's 21 children. 

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Sakuraba vs Gracie tag team match that just went down!

By Budo Jake January 5, 2014 19239 Views No comments

Sakuraba vs Rolles Gracie

New Years is always a special time of year for JMMA (Japanese Mixed Martial Arts) fans. Typically we get treated to the best match ups of the year and today was no exception. We get Rolles & Daniel Gracie in a tag team match against Kazushi Sakuraba & Yuji Nagata! But something didn't seem right...

Posted in: BJJ Thoughts Tags: SakurabaGracieRollesDaniel