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Beyond Technique: Learning via Concepts Rather than Techniques

By Budo Jake September 9, 2014 4363 Views No comments

A review of the Beyond Technique DVD by Kit Dale and Nic Gregoriades

Interview with Budo Jake on "Going Upside Down"

By Budo Dave March 24, 2014 2674 Views No comments

This past weekend I sat down with Budo Jake to discuss his new instructional, "Going Upside Down" - a video all about the basics of inverting for jiu jitsu.

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KO Finisher Brown and Black Belt Superfights On Demand

By Budo Dave February 21, 2014 1080 Views No comments


 Kurt Osiander's 2nd installment of the KO finisher made it's Southern California debut Feb 16th in Anaheim, California. The tournament offers a round robin,  no points and submission only format.

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Most Highly Anticipated Martial Arts Book Ever?

By Budo Jake February 7, 2014 5419 Views No comments

Many people doubted if this book would ever see the light of day after 3 years of delays but it's finally here - Eddie Bravo's Advanced Rubber Guard!

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Roger Gracie's First Black Belt Releases Book

By Budo Jake January 30, 2014 8755 Views No comments

Roger Gracie is the undisputed BEST competitor that we have seen in BJJ competitions from the humble beginnings in Rio de Janeiro to the big stage in Long Beach California. Watching Roger dominate opponent after opponent, many spectators were left wondering, how can he make his techniques work against the toughest guys in the world - time and time again?

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New Apps by Rafael Freitas and Vladislav Koulikov

By Budo Jake January 14, 2014 1678 Views No comments

6 new apps by Rafael Freitas and Vladislav Koulikov

Today marks the biggest app release day in Budovideos history. Today we released 6 amazing new apps in the iTunes app store. Three are from Rafael "Barata" Freitas and the other three are from the Sambo master Vladislav Koulikov. These will play on iPads & iPhones. 

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Getting Sponsored in BJJ - the eBook!

By Budo Jake January 11, 2014 3698 Views No comments

One of the most common questions I get asked is about sponsorship. BJJ instructors and athletes all around the world want to represent a brand and there is a lot of confusion as to how it all works. So for the past two months I've been pouring everything I know about BJJ sponsorships into an e-book and it's now available!

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Kaizen Atheletic Keeping the Jiu Jitsu Gi Simple

By Budo Dave December 24, 2013 962 Views No comments

 You might know the Kaizen Athletic name from their popular line of affordable kettllebells. They were one of, if not the first company to introduce an affordable kettlebell with super smooth and thick handles. They've also introduced some rather unique product like the kettlesled and the power mace.

Muae JSCA Dragon both form and function

By Budo Dave December 23, 2013 1112 Views No comments

Upon first looking at this gi, you may not know if you should wear it for training or hang it on you wall. Quite frankly, we wouldn't be upset if you did either. The inner print on this gi stunning. It's bright and beautiful and fantastically rendered. Plus it encompassaes almost the entire inside of the gi. I can't imagine what is involved to be able to print something this large.

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Sambo & BJJ with Vladislav Koulikov

By Budo Jake December 20, 2013 3441 Views 1 comments

 Vladislav Koulikov is one of the biggest names in Sambo in America. Sambo has a long history in Russia and is known for having aggressive throws, grappling, and very effective leg locks. At budovideos, we are fans of all kinds of grappling, not just BJJ and after I got to talking to Vlad, I realized that we HAD to make an instructional with him. 

Sean Ruiz, Vlad, and Budo Jake

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