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January 2014

15% off All Keiko Raca Gis this weekend only!

By Budo Dave January 31, 2014 634 Views No comments

When you think of Original, Brazilian gi brands, one of the first names that should pop into your head is, Keiko Raca. They are 1 of the 3 big brands still producing gis in Brazil and they are as relevant today as they were 10 years ago. Their latest sponsored athlete is American black belt superstar, Keenan Cornelius!

Now you can be like Keenan! Or at least dress like him! This weekend only, all Keiko Raca products are 15% off! This includes Gis, Gi pants, backpacks and more. No coupon required, the discount has already been made for you! The sale ends Sunday night at midnight, so get on it now! Keiko Raca Kimonos 15% off!

Click here to save 15% off Keiko Raca BJJ gis

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The Biggest Pan Jiu-jitsu Training Camps!

By Budo Jake January 31, 2014 2675 Views 1 comments

The IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship is the world's LARGEST BJJ tournament. Over 3,000 competitors are expected this year during the 5 day event held on March 12-16th in Irvine, CA.

If you plan on competing, just go HERE to sign up!

Many Jiu-Jitsu schools will have special Pan Training camps to prepare their athletes. I'm sure there will be more announced later, but for now, let's take a look at four camps that have already been announced.

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WWE's Dave Batista gets promoted to purple belt by Cesar Gracie

By Budo Dave January 30, 2014 7508 Views No comments

Actor, Mixed Martial Arist, bodybuilder, pro wreslter and now Purple belt, Dave Bautista gets the jump from blue by Cesar Gracie.

Congats to Dave Batista on the purple belt, at least we know that belt is real!

Can you imagine having to compete against him at your next tournament?

And if you want an idea of how Cesar teaches, check out his 6 DVD set; Gi less jiu jitsu

Cesar Gracie Gi-Less Jiu Jitsu 6 DVD Set



Roger Gracie's First Black Belt Releases Book

By Budo Jake January 30, 2014 8997 Views No comments

Roger Gracie is the undisputed BEST competitor that we have seen in BJJ competitions from the humble beginnings in Rio de Janeiro to the big stage in Long Beach California. Watching Roger dominate opponent after opponent, many spectators were left wondering, how can he make his techniques work against the toughest guys in the world - time and time again?

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Hayastan Grappling Challenge on Feb 9th in Los Angeles!

By Budo Jake January 29, 2014 1450 Views No comments

The nice thing about being in So Cal is that there are tournaments almost every weekend. Gokor Chivichyan & Gene LeBell have been teaching their grappling & MMA system for a LONG time in LA. Gokor started up a tournament series a few years back and the next one is coming right up!

Posted in: BJJ Thoughts

You'll be Surprised About These New IJF Judo Rules for 2014

By Budo Jake January 28, 2014 7689 Views 4 comments

Judo is not only a martial art, but also a sport. All sports have rules and Judo is no exception. Below, you'll find a video explaining all of the NEW rules for IJF Judo competition.

Posted in: BJJ Thoughts Tags: ijfjudo2014 rules

Will Kettlebell Training Help My BJJ?

By Rik Brown January 28, 2014 4486 Views No comments

 Rik Brown teaching Kettlebell movements to Romulo Barral

Many who practice BJJ have thought that going to a gym to lift weights would bring about a magical change in their Jiu-jitsu. That in just a few short months, membership at a local “Fitness Center” would be the catalyst that would shoot them up through the belt ranks and have them knocking on the door to Black Belt status.

This Week in BJJ Episode 49 - Rodrigo Freitas - Spider Guard

By Dave Contreras January 27, 2014 5275 Views No comments

The beginning of the year is always light on news so for the first episode of This Week in BJJ of 2014, Budo Jake talks about some of the biggest new and upcoming BJJ instructionals, a couple rashguards, 2 new e-books, and an interview and techniques from Rodrigo "Digo" Freitas.

Posted in: This Week in BJJ

Sambo & Jiu-jitsu Highlight featuring Vladislav Koulikov

By Budo Jake January 24, 2014 2181 Views No comments

Last month, Vladislav Koulikov's new instructional series "Sambo Jiu-jitsu Fusion" was released. The set features throws, takedowns, groundwork and leglocks that work GREAT in a BJJ or Submission grappling setting. Those tough Russians know a thing or two about fighting!

Posted in: BJJ Thoughts Tags: sambobjjgrappling

Some Half Guard, a little Tornado guard and an epic Mohawk.

By Budo Dave January 23, 2014 2506 Views 4 comments


It’s been almost 7 years since the first Nogi Worlds, and it’s nice to see these two warriors still competing and dominating in the Jiu Jitsu Game.

When you think of Lucas Leite, the first that usually comes to your mind is a guy with a tricky half guard and a guy that is willing to go up against virtually anyone. When you think of Cyborg, you think of his high altitude Tornado sweeps. I had totally forgotten that Cyborg would also rock a badass mowhawk!

If you want to tornado sweep like Cyborg, check out his 3 Vol. DVD set here!