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ADCC NY Nationals to be held on April 6th Big Superfight

By Budo Jake March 28, 2014 1747 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Most hardcore grapplers are familiar with ADCC - the organization, run by the sheik of Abu Dhabi, who puts on the prestigious ADCC World Championships every two years. We have seen so many amazing match ups from ADCC over the years. Of course in 2003 we had the Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie match. Last year we saw Braulio Estima vs Andre Galvao and there are countless other amazing matches throughout the years. 

Now, in 2014, ADCC is expanding it's reach by doing tournaments across the USA. Some interesting things about the tournaments are:

-All age groups

-All skill levels

-Gi and nogi

Perhaps the most interesting part is that at each of the tournaments there will be a superfight also.

The first ADCC tournament of 2014 is the New York Nationals:

Tournament details:

Date: April 6, 2014

Location: Queens College, Flushings, NY

And the superfight will be none other than DJ Jackson vs Gary Tonnon:

DJ is known for his relentless pressure and Gary is known for giving his all and never backing down. This is for sure going to be an interesting match!

For more information on this and all upcoming ADCC tournaments, just head on over to adccamerica.com

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