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Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications by Michael A. DeMarco

SKU# BV-81737

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This new book includes:

All new material by 37 authors, 200 pages,

over 300 illustrations,

> 9 articles by leading martial art scholars covering history,media, healing, spiritual, and combative components.

> 27 articles by renowned masters demonstrating their favorite techniques and offering practice tips.
Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications by Michael A. DeMarco

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  • Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications by Michael A. DeMarco
Via Media Publishing produced eighty-one issues of the Journal of
Asian Martial Arts
. This book serves as a special finale to the two decades
the periodical served the field. From the book’s subtitle—Constructive
Thoughts and Practical Applications—you can see a parallel with the journal’s
theme of cultivating martial aspects with the civil, as symbolized in its logo.

-Writing Sword: 20 years of thought, action, and inspiration from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts by John Donahue
-Martial Arts History from one Era to the Next by Robert Dohrenwend
-Fists and Phantoms: Martial Arts and Media by James Grady
-An Optimal Elixir: Blending Spiritual, Healing, and Combative Components by Michael Maliszewski
-Academic Research into Chinese Martial Arts: Problems and Perspectives by Kai Filipiak
-Nicks and Cuts: Continuing Endeavors in Japanese Budo by Dave Lowry
-The Ongoing Construction: Linking Taekwondo Practice with Academic Research by Willy Pieter
-The Whole Shebang Concerning Southeast Asian Martial Arts by Kirstin Pauka

-Classical Taekwondo by Manuel Androgue
-Iaido and Judo by Peter Boylan
-Sinmoo Hapkido by Sean Bradley
-Clinch Fighting, Chinese Style by Jake Burroughs
-Wing Chun by Joyotpaul Chaundhuri
-Kuntao Silat by Phillip Davies
-Chen Taijiquan by David Gaffney
-Ryukyu Kenpo and small circle jiujitsu by Leon Jay
-Baguazhang by Hong Tsehan
-Wei kuen do by Adam James
-Small circle jiujitsu by Leon Jay
-Kodokan Judo by Llyr Jones
-Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido by Deborah Klens-Bigman
-Sambo by Stephen Koepfer
-Goju Ryu Karate by Marvin Labbate
-MMA by Tim Lajcik
-Zheng Style Taijiquan by Russ Mason
-Ryukyu Kobudo Shindokai by Mario McKenna
-Mantis Boxing by Ilya Profatilov
-Jujutsu and Judo by Nicklaus Suino
-Niten ichi ryu and Shinto Ryu by Kim Taylor
-Ving Tsun Double Knives by Jeff Webb
-Bajiquan by Tony Yang
-Goshin Jutsu and Washin Ryu by Linda Yiannakis
-Taiji Spear by Yun Zhang
-Secrets of an Asian Martial Arts publisher
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SKU BV-81737
Release Date Nov 20, 2012
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Book Format No
Languages English

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