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36th All Japan KarateDo Championships DVD

SKU# BV-13486

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Quick Overview

December 14th 2008 in JAPAN,Nippon Budokan


* Female Kumite/The highlights of the first half

H.Katayama VS M.Saruta

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December 14th 2008 in JAPAN,Nippon Budokan


        * Female Kumite/The highlights of the first half
          H.Katayama VS M.Saruta
          N.Iwashita VS M.Kobayashi
          J.Tsukii VS Y.Endo
          Y.Miyamoto VS H.Katayama
          M.Takahashi VS N.Fujiwara
          E.Honma VS M.Kobayashi
          A.Arai VS J.Tsukii
          K.Sasaki VS A.Okano
          Y.Miyamoto VS M.Hirose
          M.Kasai VS N.Fujiwara
        * Male Kumite/The highlights of the first half
          S.Kayahara VS T.Higuchi
          T.Aoyagi VS Y.Inokoshi
          H.Kagawa VS T.Fujimura
          S.Hirayama VS K.Matsuhisa
          R.Sato VS R.Araga
          仁Y.Ide VS R.Shimizu
          K.Matsuhisa VS G.Miyakawa
          S.Ibuchi VS J.Fukuda
          S.Kuranaga VS D.Miyamoto
          S.Nagaki VS R.Araga
        * Enbu/19th World Karate Championships JAPAN Team Kata
          Female Team Kata 
          ANAN(Y.Shimizu, S.Kinjyo, Y.Kadena)
          Male Team Kata
          PAIKU(T.Katada, K.Utsumi, I.Ohki)
        * Female Kumite/Quarterfinal
          E.Honma VS A.Okano
          M.Hirose VS A.Ishizuka
          A.Arai VS M.Ueda
          T.Kato VS N.Fujiwara)
        * Male Kumite/Quarterfinal
          K.Matsuhisa VS H.Shinohara
          S.Ibuchi VS R.Araga
          T.Aoyagi VS S.Hirayama
          S.Kuranaga VS R.Shimizu
        * Female Kata/Semifinal
          Y.Kadena(SUPER RINPEI) VS R.Usami(KOUSOUKUN-DAI)
          K.Wakabayashi(CHATANYARA KUSANKU) VS N.Morooka(KOUSOUKUN-DAI)
        * Male Kata/Semifinal
          K.Utsumi(CHATANYARA KUSANKU) VS T.Katada(ANAN)
          T.Furukawa(KURURUNFA) VS I.Ohki(ANAN)
        * Female Kumite/Semifinal
          E.Honma VS A.Ishizuka
          A.Arai VS N.Fujiwara
        * Male Kumite/Semifinal
          K.Matsuhisa VS R.Araga
          T.Aoyagi VS S.Kuranaga
        * Female Kata/Final
        * Male Kata/Final
          T.Furukawa(SUPER RINPEI) VS T.Katada(SUPER RINPEI)
        * Female Kumite/Final
          E.Honma VS A.Arai
        * Male Kumite/Final
          K.Matsuhisa VS T.Aoyagi
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Additional Information
SKU BV-13486
Release Date Apr 5, 2009
Other Info No
Languages Japanese
Length 175 min.

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